Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My breakaway collar falls off too easily!

If you don't see any physical damage to the clasp (chips, cracks, bite marks, etc) it is most likely that the included hook and loop reinforcement has either been removed or lost. Those are necessary for larger dogs to prevent accidental breakaways.

In our experience, nearly all instances of accidental breakaways is a result of the reinforcement being removed or lost.

Our clasps are engineered to work with dogs of all sizes, so they do have a relatively low break force to safely accommodate smaller dogs. The hook and loop reinforcement provides approximately 12 additional pounds of break force. Replacements can be ordered here.

My buckle text is wrong or outdated. What can I do?

If the buckle is on a breakaway collar, you can order a replacement here. If the buckle is on any other type of gear, contact us to see what your options are.

My breakaway collar is too large or too small but the buckle is personalized, what do I do?

You can order a replacement adjustment strap in a new length here. Be aware that you cannot change the width without ordering an all new collar, only the length.

Why are there "upgrade" items in my cart?

Upgrade items are automatically added to your cart when you select an upgrade from a product page - a metal buckle, personalization, an extra D-ring, etc. These show as a separate line item in your cart, but they are "tied" to the item directly above it.

If you delete these items from your cart, you will not be charged for them, and your order will not receive them.

example cart showing upgrade line items

Do you ship to UK / European Union countries?

EU countries (including UK): due to GDPR regulations, we are unable to ship to any of these countries. Our sincerest apologies!

I need a Fi Breakaway for my CAT

Without getting too technical, basically there is too much hardware on these collars to be possible in lengths less than 11". Yes we absolutely realize there is a need for feline-Fi-users, but unless Fi redesigns their bracket system and/or their module to be shorter, we are unable to make Fi collars in cat sizes. If you have an XL kitty, you can probably get away with the smallest Fi breakaway, but most cats wear collars in the 6"-9" range and even our smallest sizes will be *far* too large.

I want a breakaway collar with engraved buckle for my CAT

Our "Breakaway Collars for Dogs" are typically too bulky for cats. Instead we recommend our Cat Breakaways paired with a Jingle Free Tag for ID purposes. Find those here:


My tracking says delivered, but I don't see my package.

Rarely, a shipment is marked "delivered" but a customer has not received it.

There are a few reasons this can happen, which we won't get into here, but frequently these packages turn up in a day or two.

The first course of action if you notice this has happened is to speak to your letter carrier or someone at your local post office. They have GPS scans on all deliveries so they should be able to help you track down where it may have ended up.

USPS does not allow insurance claims or lost mail claims to be filed on any package with a delivery scan. The quickest way to find your package is to talk to your letter carrier or call your local post office. This process cannot be completed via - you MUST call or physically go to the post office.

I never received my package

If your package still shows "in transit" but it is more than 7 days past the estimated delivery date, please reach out to us to let us know.

If your package was marked delivered and it's been more than 1 or 2 days, see MISSING DELIVERED PACKAGES above.

If more than 60 days have passed and you have not contacted us about a package that is marked delivered, regrettably at this point we cannot offer any support. USPS recycles tracking numbers, and we see fraud attempts with increasing frequency in this type of situation. You MUST notify us of a missing package within 60 days of the estimated delivery date, but ideally within 10 days so we can make a note of it.

It is the customers responsibility to provide a safe delivery location. If you have been victim to mail/package theft in the past, please provide a secure shipping address (like a PO box or place of business) for your order AND file a police report for the missing package(s).

Can I order a BREAKAWAY collar WITHOUT D-rings? I won't ever use it with a leash.

Yes! You are welcome to request we omit D-rings on any breakaway collar (excludes all pre-made clearance items). Leave a note in the 'Order Special Instructions' box at checkout or the personalization text box to omit them. Double check your sizing - customization of this nature render a collar ineligible for return/exchange.

Can you make an item with my favorite sports team / logo / licensed character on it?

The short answer: No. The long answer: it is illegal to sell an item made with licensed fabrics or ribbons unless the seller has permission from the licensee (the sports team, logo owner, character artist, etc). Yes, there are MANY makers who sell items with licensed prints, but they do so at risk of litigation and against federal laws. We choose not to use licensed prints for these reasons.

Are CUSTOM sized collars adjustable?

Yes, with very few exceptions, all collars we sell are adjustable. As a general rule, we make each collar or harness adjustable a few inches in either direction of the measurement you provide. For example, if your dog has a 15” neck, the collar you receive might adjust from 13” – 18”. Martingales usually start at or just below your measurement, so you have enough room to fit it over the dog's head. See below for measuring instructions.

What if I am ordering for a young, growing pet?

Measure your puppy’s neck (or girth, for a harness) and include it* with your order. Also be sure to tell us its for a puppy! We will make the collar/harness using that number as the smallest adjustment, with only room to get larger so your puppy can wear the new collar/harness as long as possible. For example, a puppy with a 12” neck might receive a collar that adjusts from 12” – 17”.

* writing in "for a puppy" isn't enough - the actual length is required to receive a custom-sized item.

Care instructions

All items are washable.
Hand or machine wash in cold water with like colors. A garment bag and mild detergent is recommended. NO bleach or fabric softener. Lay flat to dry.

Can I get my pet's name and phone number embroidered on a collar / leash / harness?

Effective March of 2018, we no longer offer embroidery services.

What is your turnaround time?

Most items will ship within the time frame stated in the banner at the top of the page, usually between 1 and 4 business days. It varies by season and we update the banner any time we expect changes to our production times.

Orders are constructed in batches by color and not necessarily in the order they are received. Engraved items are often engraved shortly after the order is received, so if you need to change an engraved item, it is imperative that you e-mail us immediately. Likewise, proofs for engraving should be requested with the order so that we know to wait for approval before engraving your item(s).

Rush Processing is available for an additional fee, click here for more info. Please note, "processing time" is independent of "shipping speed" you choose at checkout.

Orders may be delayed or cancelled if size or other critical information is missing. We will make every effort to contact you; however the longer it takes to receive a response from the buyer, the longer the ship date will be delayed.

Do you have tags that fit 1.25" or 2" collars?

Yes! Find them in our Jingle Free tag listing.

Can I place an order by phone or speak to someone on the phone?

All sales, correspondence, payments, and transactions must be completed via e-mail or other text-based correspondence only. We do not have a business line and value our privacy on our personal lines, as we're sure everyone does. We realize some customers are uncomfortable with buying online, but we have found it next to impossible to accommodate potentially long phone calls, return calls, dropped calls due to our extremely poor cell service area, and phone-tag that often comes with accepting calls - remember there are only two of us and we each have to wear many, many hats to keep our business running smoothly. We appreciate your willingness to keep correspondence digital.

Will you send me an item for my review blog / page?
We have a pretty cool program set up for reviewers!

Wholesale, Quantity Discounts, & Donations

Contact us with wholesale inquiries. We have discontinued our wholesale pricing program but still offer tiered price discounts for bulk orders.

Donations: If you have 501c3 you are welcome to submit a request for donated item(s) via e-mail or either of our Facebook pages.

Thank you for your interest in Fox Valley Pet Wear!