Repair Services

Fox Valley Dog Collars offers mail-in repair services on all of our gear, as well as most other 3rd party all-webbing gear. Please send us an email, with photos of your gear, to discuss options and price.

Some things we can help with:

  • ✅ repair chewed straps of all-webbing gear
  • ✅ replace old/worn/broken hardware of all-webbing gear
  • ✅ modify existing straps for different sizes/lengths/colors of all-webbing gear
  • ✅ replace buckles with personalized buckles of all-webbing gear
  • ✅ convert Baskerville basket muzzle buckles to quick-clip style
  •  and more!

Some things we unfortunately can't help with:

  • 🚫 harnesses or leashes with PADDING, MESH, or LEATHER sewn directly to the straps
  • 🚫 any textiles that are not webbing - things like mesh, neoprene, leather, or poly-coated straps like Biothane.
  • 🚫 other manufacturer's products that are glued or melted together (rather than stitched)
  • 🚫 double or triple-ply webbings - common on horse halters, etc.

Prices starting at:

  • $10 for a single, solid-colored harness strap replacement of a front-attach harness
  • $18 for replacement of two solid-colored harness straps of a front-attach harness 
  • $5 per strap for adding reflective fabric (applies only to straps being replaced at the time of service, we cannot apply reflective fabric to straps that are not being fully replaced)
  • $8 for buckle replacement (black plastic buckle)
  • $14 for buckle replacement with aluminum engraved buckle
  • $5 for leash clip replacement with standard leash clip. +$3 for trigger snap

Send us an email with your repair needs. Please include photos clearly showing the part(s) in question. If we determine that we can repair or modify your gear, we will email you the shipping address and an invoice to be paid via our secure website.


This is not a complete list, please contact us with inquiries. Prices stated are estimates only - your cost will vary based on labor and materials required. Multiple modifications to the same piece of gear may be discounted. Not all 3rd party items can be repaired or modified.

NOTE: all items submitted to us for repair/modification must be LAUNDERED, preferably with scent-free detergent and NO fabric softener. Please lay items flat to dry. Pack securely in a padded envelope or box. We recommend insuring your item and getting tracking to make sure your items arrive here safely. Items that are obviously soiled / dirty upon receipt will be laundered for an additional fee of $8.00.