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Referral Program

Hi and thank you for your interest in our pet gear! This program is a special offering perfect for reviewers, bloggers, rescues, breeders, or any pet lover!

We know you will love our products, and so will your followers & clients (and neighbors, family, and friends!) Because we have a high volume of groups and individuals looking for products, we have a special program set up just for you!
Order ANY item(s) from our website or Etsy shop. Upon receipt of your order, we will message you with an exclusive 25% off coupon code to share with your followers/clients. Each time the code is used, we will automatically REFUND 10% of the purchase price of your order. That means if just 10 of your followers/clients/friends shop with us and use your code, you’ll get 100% of your purchase price back!


If you decide to order again (and I’m sure you will!), you can again apply for a new code and repeat the process. That’s unlimited free product potential for you, a great deal for your followers/clients on custom pet gear, and more exposure for us. It’s a win-win-win situation!
Place an order on our website:
You MUST mention the Referral Program in the note box at checkout so we can get your coupon code sent to your e-mail on file right away. If you miss this step, please send us an email with your order number, and reference the Reviewer's Special Promotion program at that time.

Thanks so much!

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Terms and Conditions

Your 10% refunds will be processed as the coupon code is used. Once you've reached 100% refund on the purchase price, the code will still work until the end of the calendar year, but you will stop receiving refunds and there are no negative balances carried. You'll need to place a new order, receive a new code, and start the process again to receive further refunds.
Only 1 coupon code will be issued per person until you've reached a 100% discount on that purchase. In order to qualify for more codes, you must first have 10 unique code uses. You may not use your own coupon code. Code redemption must be unique users (in other words, you will not receive credit for purchases made by other people in your household, etc). If we suspect tampering or abuse of the Referral Program, we reserve the right to deactivate any codes at any time without prior notification, and you will stop receiving refunds. If you’d like to know how many uses your code as accrued, email us at any time to inquire.