About Us

Out of necessity; into passion.

Like so many small businesses, Fox Valley Pet Wear started at the kitchen table. It eventually took over an office, and then a second spare room, and then the garage, too! In 2020 we moved out of the Fox Valley, desperate for more space, built a building at our new location, and now the business is "home" with room to grow.
What started as a DIY collar for our Italian greyhound turned into a
full-time passion

State of WI outline with USA flag and pawprint location 'spot'

serving customers and their pets from around the world for over a decade!

We are a wife-and-husband team; both life-long Wisconsin residents and are proud to own and operate completely within our home-state.

We do our best to support other small businesses - many of our materials are purchased from other family businesses and we hire a local machine shop to manufacture our metal thingamajigs.

We've put over a decade of development and improvement into the products you see in our shop. We are continually improving, and we hope that is evident in our photos and of course our products themselves.
► Notice our stitching - double rows of extra-strong zigzag stitches where it matters most.
► Notice our hardware - we refuse to use "economy" grade hardware - they are cheap for a reason! We wouldn't trust cheap parts on our pets' collars, so we won't use them on your pet's collars!
► Our webbing is soft, bright, washable, and best of all, made right here in the USA!

Above all else, we are animal lovers and pet guardians. We have shared our home with dogs, cats, rabbits, chinchillas, fish, jumping spiders, a gecko, and have had our fair share of fosters, too! We understand the passion for our pets, just like you, and we strive to keep meeting the needs of the modern pet guardians.

We hope you and your pets will join our 'little' extended family!

Diana & Craig 
Fox Valley Pet Wear