Collar Types & Size Charts

SIDE RELEASE or FLAT BUCKLE collars are typical quick-release flat collars that are common in almost any commercial pet supply department. They are adjustable and are ideal for identification and tie-out purposes. They have the most room for adjustment of all the styles we sell.

MARTINGALE COLLARS are great for dogs who "back out" of their collars, or dogs who have large necks compared to their heads. They are very common among sight hound owners. They are safe for use on walks and around the house, but are not recommended for tie-outs*. Martingale collars usually need to be adjusted after they are placed over the dog's head, because there is no buckle.

QUICK RELEASE MARTINGALE COLLARS combine the benefits of a martingale with the ease-of-use of a side release. They offer a quick-release buckle to make putting it on and taking it off easier, with no adjustment each time. However, because of the added hardware, they have the least room for adjustment and should be purchased for full-grown dogs - unless you are willing to purchase more collars as your dog grows. This style is also only available for dogs with neck measurements of AT LEAST 9". Smaller collars will not have enough room for any adjustment, and so are not recommended.

HALF-CHECK (chain) MARTINGALE COLLARS are similar to Martingale collars, but have a chain loop instead of a nylon loop. Again, these are fine for around the house or on walks, but are not recommended for tie-out use*. Half-checks are also available in a quick-release style.

* Martingale collars are not recommended for tie-out use due to the tightening action – a dog could become tangled and strangle itself if left unsupervised. An additional D ring (sold separately) that allows for tethering without tightening is a safer option. As always, use common sense and take proper safety precautions.

BREAK AWAY COLLARS are adjustable and feature a unique plastic breakaway clasp that will come loose if the wearer gets caught on something (fence, crate, heat vents, another dog, etc). Double D rings allow you to safely use this collar with a leash. Premium quality buckle allows for quick on and off for normal use without causing wear on the breakaway mechanism. Perfect for dogs, goats, pigs, sheep, and other free-range animals


August 2021 Update: We are in the process of modifying all of our collar size ranges to be more congruent across styles. You may see inconsistencies between our size chart, descriptions, and available selections while we do this. If in doubt, choose the appropriate length (8-13, 14-22, etc) regardless of size label (S, M, L, etc).

Each collar type has its own size chart, and these sizes are unique to our brand. This chart is meant to be a guide only. Actual size ranges may vary by up to 1". Please measure your pet prior to ordering to ensure a proper fit.

As always, Fox Valley Pet Wear will custom size your gear to fit your pet for no extra charge! All you need to do is provide measurements with your order.

Keep in mind we cannot add range to one end without sacrificing range from the other. We often get requests for collars with very small starting sizes and large upper ranges. Such a range is impossible and requesting one will only delay your order. Expect roughly 3" of range for small sizes, 5" for medium sizes, 7" for large sizes, and so on.

Size Side Release Martingale Quick Release Martingale Break Away Half Check Quick Release Half Check
XS 7.5" - 11"  8" - 10"  N/A 7.5" - 10"  N/A N/A
S 9" - 13"  9" - 12"  9" - 12"  9" - 12"  8.5" - 11"  N/A
M 11" - 17"  13" - 18"  13" - 16"  11" - 16"  11" - 16"  13" - 16" 
L 14" - 22"  16" - 23"  16" - 20"  15" - 23"  14" - 21"  16" - 21" 
XL 18" - 28"  18" - 29"  20" - 27"  19" - 31"  17" - 28"  20" - 29" 
XXL 20" - 34"  22" - 34"  23" - 33" 


Measuring for a dog collar