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Harness to Collar Safety Clip

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Extra security and peace of mind - connect one clip to your dog's harness and one to the collar. This ensures that should the collar or harness fail, your dog will still be contained until you can sort the situation.

To Use: put the collar and harness on your dog, adjust to fit, etc. Clip one end of the safety strap to the ring on the collar and the other end to the harness. Connect your leash as usual.


1" wide for large dogs. Just over 3 ounces and approximately 7.5" long.

5/8" for medium dogs. Around 2 ounces and a little over 6" long.

3/8" for small dogs. Less than 1 ounce and approximately 5.5" long. Note that 3/8" clips are only available in 16 colors.


General Information

  • Made to order
  • Heavy duty nylon webbing & triple reinforced stitching
  • Highest quality hardware
  • Many vibrant colors of webbing to choose from
  • Meticulously handcrafted with strength and durability in mind
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Machine washable


Dog pictured is a 48lb Australian cattle dog wearing a 1" (royal blue) and a 3/8" (black) Harness to Collar Safety Clip

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  • Is the hardware brass?

    All of the silver hardware shown is nickel-plated steel.

  • I have a Belgian Malinois and he’s about 80 pounds. I just bought him a harness and ordered a Martingale collar. Would the one inch clip be long enough to reach the harness and collar and give him enough room to move his head freely. The harness has two d rings front and back. Have you sold to anyone that has a Malinois? If so, what size did they buy? Thanks

    Hi Aaron,

    Most people with dogs that size use the 1" clip. I suspect you could also get by with a 5/8", but I would suggest measuring the distance between collar and harness of your particular setup if you aren't sure.

  • How do I know what size of clip to buy? Does it go by length of size of dog. My dog is a Doberman. She weighs 62. Thanks

    Size of clip is largely personal preference and each dog's traits. Small dogs should use the 3/8" because of its small, lightweight nature, medium and large dogs can use 3/4" or 1". Keep in mine the overall strength of the clip is also greater as the width of the hardware increases. It may also be a good idea to measure the distance between your dog's gear to know if the clip will be long enough or too long or just right!

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