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Reflective 5/8" Extra Wide Breakaway Cat Collar

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Choose your favorite webbing color for your cat's collar. A full 1/2" wide reflective stripe is securely sewn on top.

These are 5/8" wide - almost double the width of a store-bought cat collar. They may not be suitable for itty bitty kitties or kittens (use your own judgement). They weigh less than 1oz! Available with or without a bell.

The 8" - 12" size is our most popular, and fits most average size adult cats.

Breakaway buckles will come apart when pulled. Please note, these break away slightly harder (~8lbs of pressure) than most 3/8" collars.

This does not make them escape-proof, but cats tend to not lose them quite as often as narrower collars. However, if your cat is a seasoned collar-escapist, he will most likely be able to escape this, as well. For these cats, please leave us a note at checkout and we'll include a buckle-reinforcement to make the buckle a bit harder to open. We recommend only using the buckle reinforcement under supervision, until Kitty learns to leave the collar on. View or re-order the reinforcement piece here.

These collars should NEVER be used with leashes. They will come apart!

General Information

  • Made to order with “perfect-fit adjustability”
  • Fully adjustable
  • Heavy duty nylon webbing & triple reinforced stitching
  • Highest quality hardware and buckles
  • 20 colors of webbing to choose from
  • Meticulously handcrafted with strength and durability in mind
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Machine washable

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