Jingle Free Tag Restock

Jingle Free Tag Restock

You've been waiting for more tags, right? We've been waiting, too! And waiting. And waiting. First we waited on contractors. Then we waited for electrical parts. Then we waited for more contractors. Now we are waiting for the power company! It's been a whole year of waiting!

We REALLY hope we will have power to our new building by the end of  November. Then we'll just need to update a few pieces of machinery and then, FINALLY, we can start making more Jingle Free Tags!

We will announce the restock on our social media pages, and of course we'll update inventory on the website. Until then, I'm afraid all we can do is ... you guessed it ... wait.

At least we have cute (albeit sassy and full of attitude) furkids to wait with us.

photo of two dogs, one sticking his tongue out at the camera


11/30/21 update: we have new colors coming! We also have electricity now and hope to be up and running within a few weeks!

new color - black cherrynew color - green mamba

new color - periwinklenew color - sunflower


12/9/21 Update: we are so close! Here's the official restock pre-announcement:

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