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Choose-a-Print 1" BreakAway Dog Collar with Optional Personalization

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MADE-TO-ORDER - Personalized Metal Buckle!

1" wide, adjustable collar features a unique plastic breakaway clasp that will come loose if the wearer gets caught on something (fence, crate, heat vents, another animal, etc). Double D rings allow you to safely use this collar with a leash (not recommended for tie-outs).

Your choice of colorful ribbon overlay and buckle. We'll choose a coordinating webbing for you.

Perfect for dogs, goats, pigs, sheep, and other free-range animals!!

Available in sizes M-XL in 1" wide only.

Fox Valley Pet Wear breakaway collars come with a proprietary buckle reinforcement to prevent accidental breakaways from normal activities and scratching.

Measure your dog's neck (good) or collar (better) per the photo above. Choose appropriate size range **Listed size ranges may vary up to 1/2".

Mini Tag Ring

Upgrade any collar, harness, or leash with this mini D-ring (3/8" wide inside diameter) to hang your pet's tags from. Reduces tag-to-buckle jingling; keeps your tags from hitting the buckle, keeping your buckle looking newer, longer; and frees up space on your D-ring for your leash!

Mini Tag Ring

Please be aware that these are designed to break away if caught. Lost collars may happen - but this means your pet is safe and the collar did its job. Refunds or replacements will not be given for lost collars.

The suitability of this type collar is the BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY.

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