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Semi-BREAKAWAY Reflective Quick Release Martingale Dog Collar

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Adjustable martingale collar features a unique plastic breakaway clasp that will come loose if the wearer gets caught on something (fence, crate, heat vents, another animal, etc). Double D rings allow you to safely use this collar with a leash (not recommended for tie-outs).

Important: Unlike our other breakaway collars, this collar will not fall away completely when opened - the martingale loop opens to give your dog a critical extra few inches, with the hopes that this will be enough for the dog to free itself. This option may not be suitable for all situations where a standard breakaway collar may be best. Also,this item is NOT appropriate for dogs with necks under 13".

Premium quality aluminum buckle (your choice of black or silver) allows for quick on and off for normal use without causing wear on the breakaway mechanism. Optional CNC engraved personalization on the buckle!

Please note, the reflective strip is 1/2" wide on ALL collar widths.

Size & Width
Measure your dog's neck or collar per the photo above. Choose appropriate size range & width. **Listed size ranges may vary up to 1/2".
IMPORTANT: This item is NOT appropriate for dogs with necks under 13". We cannot custom size this particular collar smaller.

Mini Tag Ring

Upgrade any collar, harness, or leash with this mini D-ring (3/8" wide inside diameter) to hang your pet's tags from. Reduces tag-to-buckle jingling; keeps your tags from hitting the buckle, keeping your buckle looking newer, longer; and frees up space on your D-ring for your leash!

General Information

  • Engraving tips & recommendations
  • Size Charts & Collar Types
  • Made to order with “perfect-fit adjustability”
  • Fully adjustable
  • Heavy duty nylon webbing & triple reinforced stitching
  • Highest quality hardware and buckles
  • Over 25 colors of webbing to choose from
  • Meticulously handcrafted with strength and durability in mind
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Machine washable

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  • My dog is a whippet/lab mix, her head is smaller than neck diameter. The only type of collar that works for her is a martingale. Do you have any photos of dogs wearing your breakaway martingale? I am concerned the weight of the breakaway and the 2 D rings would cause the loop to stick out and be likely to catch on things. Thanks

    I'm sorry we don't have any on-the-dog photos at the moment. The loop will hang about as much as a typical martingale, and of course will depend largely on how the collar is adjusted on the dog's neck (looser fit means more 'hang' and a tighter fit means a more streamlined collar). If weight is a concern, our 1" wide collars can be requested with lightweight D-rings to help limit any additional weight from the added hardware.

  • I live in the city and leave a collar on my dog at all times. She can pull out of standard collars if I have to grab it. Would the semi breakaway martingale be a good option to leave on all the time loose but still give me control when I need to grab it?

    Hi Terri,

    You could grab this collar in a hurry, but the force of grabbing and pulling would probably cause it to breakaway as it is intended to do. This would still keep your dog in the collar, but the extra slack may be enough that she could pull her head out. Granted this is exactly how we Want the collar to function, but for a dog who is a flight risk, another option (perhaps a harness) may be a better fit for the circumstances.

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