Fonts and Character Limits - Tags

Suggested Line Limits:
  • 3/8” tags - 3 lines or less.
  • 5/8" or 3/4" tags - 4 lines or less.
  • 1" tags - 5 lines or less.
  • 1.25" tags - 6 lines or less
  • 1.5" & 2" tags - up to 8 lines.
  • an average of 10-15 characters per line look best

              View full resolution Font image here
              • Thin, basic fonts work best with long lines of text or very small tags. Avoid choosing blocky, bold, or script fonts if you need a lot of information on your tag.
              • Text is hand-formatted for every item - engraved items on separate orders/placed at different times may differ from one another.


                • These are our professional recommendations - ultimately we will engrave what you type in the box, so please be sure to CHECK YOUR SPELLING and avoid writing a novel :)
                • There will be *no refunds or exchanges* on engraved items. All sales are final on personalized items.
                • You may request up to 2 digital proofs for no extra charge. Please include a message in the note box at checkout, or send us an email when you place your order. Proofs will not be sent unless requested. Customer MUST approve the proof before we will proceed with the order. Proofs are not available on any Boomerang tags.
                • We reserve the right to make small changes to your text for balance and legibility reasons. If we need to change anything drastically, we will send you a message first. Please be sure to check your email (and spam folder) for messages from us.


                We can engrave simple graphics on Jingle Free Tags, however they do require extra space and additional formatting considerations, so please reach out to us to inquire. Below you'll see examples of the graphics we currently have. Click here for a full resolution image.

                engraving graphics for jingle free tags

                CNC engraving vs laser engraving

                  Our buckles and tags are engraved with a diamond-tipped CNC machine, never a laser! Laser engraving is used by nearly all other collar companies - lasers are inexpensive but only burn the top surface coating of buckles. This etching often wears off the buckle in a short time. Our engraver physically removes metal and surface coating to provide a longer-lasting, professional engraving when compared to laser-etched products.

                  While our engraving process is vastly superior to most "laser etched" products on the market, care should still be taken to protect your items from friction damage.

                  The easiest way to do this is to avoid hanging metal objects near your tag! Hanging tags, lights, and other gizmos that swing or rub against engraved tags will inevitably cause premature wear and tear. Instead, fasten these items at the adjustment slide or a mini tag ring so they cannot make contact with your tag. Similarly, if you wash your engraved item, remove it first or protect it by placing it inside a garment bag or a sock so it doesn't get beat up in the washer/dryer.