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Basic Solid Color No-Pull Dog Harness

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Vibrant, heavy duty nylon webbing in over 25 colors and 3 widths!

This is a front-attach harness with 4 points of adjustment for a perfect fit! If your dog is a puller, this harness will gently redirect his or her force without pain (for you or the dog!)

There is only one buckle, so putting the harness on is a snap. Just put it over the dog's head and buckle under the chest behind the right front elbow.

We recommend measuring your dog's chest just behind the front legs to make sure you order the correct size. These sizes all overlap, but each are designed to fit different frame-sizes, so please choose accordingly.

** Not recommended for dogs under 10lbs ** If your dog is under 15lbs or requires an XS size, we recommend a harness in a 3/8" width instead. Please e-mail us to arrange for this width, as there are some special considerations involved.

Please inquire about a 3/8" harness for dogs under 10lbs

Sizes based on Girth Measurement
S adjusts from 14" - 21"
M adjusts from 18" - 27"
L adjusts from 22" - 34"
XL adjusts from 26" - 42"

If your dog falls between sizes, please include his/her girth measurement and we will custom-size your harness for no extra charge.

General Information

  • Engraving tips & recommendations
  • Size Charts & Collar Types
  • Made to order with “perfect-fit adjustability”
  • Fully adjustable
  • Heavy duty nylon webbing & triple reinforced stitching
  • Highest quality hardware and buckles
  • Over 25 colors of webbing to choose from
  • Meticulously handcrafted with strength and durability in mind
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Machine washable

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  • I'm interested in the no pull front attachment dog harness. I have a 75lb Great Pyrenees that is a moderate puller. I've used other similar harnesses but the strap under the chest is always so close to front elbow and causes chafing and matting. Is there anyway to have chest strap attach more under her belly instead of under elbow? Thank you in advance. kate dwyer

    Hi Kate,

    Where the chest strap falls is largely determined by the front chest strap length. You can lengthen those front straps to allow the harness to sit back further on the dog, but often that makes the harness looser on the dog, which in turn can actually cause more chafing. We actually find there is less rubbing on a snug-fitting harness compared to a loose-fitting harness. Think of it like wearing too-large shoes and the blisters that can result from all the extra movement of the shoe against your foot.

    I hope that's at least a little bit helpful!


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