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Pink Gradient BreakAway Dog Collar - 1" large (15-23")

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Pink Gradient BreakAway Dog Collar - 1" large (15-23")

Our Pink Gradient fabric has gold metallic accents atop a light-pink-to-dark-rose gradation across the length of the collar. We have two of these currently, one cut from the darker end of the gradient and the other cut from the lighter end.

Black plastic buckle

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This is a finished, ready-to-ship item. NO modifications or alterations allowed.

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  • Hello, the description for this pink gradient collar says you have 2 in stock, a light one and a dark one. But the cart doesn’t let me add 2 items. Do you still have both? I would like both for our 2 dogs so they’d have same yet slightly different ones. Thank you!

    Hi Kate, 

    Apologies, the inventory is correct, one has sold and we haven't had a chance to update the item description. You can order a second one from this listing, we have just a bit of the fabric left! https://foxvalleydogcollars.com/products/choose-a-fabric-breakaway-dog-collar

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